DnD 4e Waterdeep Campaign

Pre-Campaign – Russ Solo Session

Russ arrived in Toril through a dimensional portal from one of the elemental planes (his home) which deposited him in the Faerûn countryside north of Waterdeep. He has come in search of a stolen book (which he himself stole from a traveling wizard). En route to Waterdeep, Russ saved a family of farmers from an attacking band of kobolds, who Russ, unfamiliar with the species of Toril, assumed to be elves. The family thanked Russ and gave him a Wand of Fire+1 for his help.

Upon reaching Waterdeep and being allowed through the gate (where he started a small panic/riot by flying over the heads of some beggars) Russ quickly met Jessia, who was disguised as a surface elf at the time. Jessia led him to Blackstaff Tower where he met Pip. Eventually, Russ made his way to the roof of the tower where he was ambushed by an imp and several animated statues. After the fight, Russ is arrested by town guards, who think he’s vandalized the tower and destroyed multiple (inanimate) statues.

Pre-Campaign – Nisha Solo Session

Nisha’s adventure starts at the Yawning Portal, where she and three fellow Harper agents, including her mentor, Aria, recieve word of trouble in the city. One agent goes to the Northern city gates to address a riot, while Nisha and the other two head to the City of the Dead. Upon arrival, Nisha and the other Hapers see the dead escaping from the City of the Dead and manage to quell the threat and bar the gates (losing one of the Harpers in the process). One of the surviving citizens rewards Nisha with a Holy Symbol+1.

Soon thereafter, Jack arrives with a Fledgling Fledgling White Dragon and taunts Nisha before leaving. Then Nisha and the other Harper, with considerable effort, defeat the Fledgling White Dragon. After some celebratory drinks back at the Yawning Portal, Jessia approaches Nisha, this time in the guise of a human girl and tells to accompany her to the Waterdeep Castle dungeon, where she knows of two people and a quest waiting.

DnD 4e Waterdeep Campaign

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